Cloud Document Management System

Cloud document management is a digital system where documents are stored, managed, and tracked online. This allows for easy access, editing, and sharing of files from anywhere. This results in enhanced data security for cloud file sharing for businesses while eliminating the need for physical on-site document management system.

Benefits of The Matrix Document Cloud Management System

Visualize a vast, completely secure, easily accessible through any browser, document management system, available with a few simple keystrokes. The space, once crowded with file cabinets, can now be used for core business activities like securing online file storage and, hence, freeing up valuable real estate. The Matrix Cloud hosting facility in Irvine, CA, renowned for its document management cloud services, delivers high volumes of bandwidth at unparalleled speeds at a price tailored to fit any budget. Know your content is easily, quickly, and safely available at your convenience with monitored access available to simultaneous users.

Immediate Content Access

  • The network operations center of The Matrix Cloud is constantly monitored to ensure the network and all equipment are online and available for document retrieval and archiving.
  • With 24/7 on-site security personnel and engineers specializing in security, network monitoring, fault monitoring, resolution, and disaster recovery, you are assured the best online file storage system. With such a system, your information is, and always will be, safe and readily accessible.
  • The Matrix Cloud, known for its cloud file sharing services offers advanced search functionality, allowing users to quickly locate files using various parameters such as date, document type, author, or specific keywords including Boolean search.
  • Your requirement for data storage will increase as your company expands. The Matrix Cloud file storage provides scalable storage solutions to accommodate increasing volumes of data. This flexibility ensures that you can expand your storage capacity as needed, without any disruption to your operations or compromise in performance.

Secure Access

  • Centralized control of user rights and privileges: This aspect ensures streamlined management of access permissions and secure online file storage, thereby reducing the risk of unauthorized data access and enhancing overall security protocols.
  • Audit trail of user activity: Implementing an extensive monitoring system that records all user interactions with the data, providing a detailed history for security analysis and forensic investigations.
  • Advanced security data center: Incorporates cutting-edge technology and protocols to safeguard against both digital and physical threats, ensuring a robust defense against cyberattacks, data breaches, and other security risks.
  • Meets the latest HIPPA regulations, offering encryption and WORM storage options.
  • SEC 17a-4 Compliant:Adheres to the strict record-keeping requirements, providing a secure and reliable method for storing sensitive financial data.
  • Multi-factor Authentication: Introduces an additional layer of security for cloud storage and file sharing services by requiring multiple forms of verification before granting access.
  • Customizable user access levels: Ensures that the system is constantly reviewed and updated to defend against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

System Backup & Security

Know your information is safe

Building Specifications

The Irvine, CA facility is a 55,000 square foot, single-level, raised-floor building that is the best online file storage building. It is designed to Zone 4 earthquake specifications with an onsite network operations center. Our world-class cloud hosting facility stands out for its own on-site network operations center, which is a center of technological excellence furnished with cutting-edge control and monitoring equipment. Strategically located, our cloud file storage facility leverages easy access and connectivity to businesses, further enhancing its appeal as a premier data center in the region.

Electrical/Power Specifications

Incorporating Cloud File Sharing For Business our HVAC, N+1 redundant cooling system and power, automatic transfer switching with eight-second cut-over. Four modes of power include: normal, emergency, recharge, and bypass—all backed up by a diesel generator. Power to cabinets/cages is available in 110V AC, 208-220V AC and 48V DC.

Building Security

The Matrix Cloud File Management System data center prioritizes security with numerous advanced measures. Our center has a single point of monitored entry for controlled and observed access to the facility. On-site security personnel are deployed 24/7, ensuring immediate response to any potential security breaches. In addition to human surveillance, the center is equipped with motion detection alarms, essential for document management cloud services, that trigger alerts at any unauthorized movement. This enhances the security framework for cloud storage and file sharing services.

The center extends to storage areas as well, where cabinets and cages have combination or key locks. We also utilize an industry-leading VESDA system for the detection of smoke and fire, a dual-interlocking pre-action fire suppression system, temperature maintained at 68° F, relative humidity maintained between 45% and 55%, and automatic failover.