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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Digitech Message Manager - Now FREE

Digitech PaperVision Message Manager from Matrix ImagingDigitech PaperVision® Message Manager automatically capture email messages and attachments in the PaperVision Enterprise. Index messages for faster retrieval and apply user-defined rules to govern where and which messages are stored in the secure Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

Simplify Email Management

  • Manage messages without changing email software, as Message Manager works with virtually any system, including Yahoo!®, Gmail™ and UNIX®- and LINUX®-based email systems
  • Enhance user adoption with automated capture policies and indexing capabilities that do not require users to modify the way they use email accounts
  • Set up the system in minutes—just define policies and forward or journal messages to a mailbox monitored by Message Manager

Reduce Email Management Costs

  • Save days retrieving archived email by utilizing automatically generated indexes to search for email in your ECM system
  • Conserve valuable storage space with user-defined policies that filter out unwanted email
  • Reduce costly delays by leveraging incoming email to promptly kickoff an automated business process

Comply with Regulations

  • Create a complete email records system by capturing archived and real-time messages
  • Prove that stored messages have not been altered and verify integrity with non-repudiation technology
  • Respond to legal requests in a timely manner using full-text searches to retrieve messages in seconds
  • Ensure system integrity by tracking capture policy changes

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