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Human Resources Solution Clients from Matrix ImagingHuman Resource departments present both simple and complex document management challenges. Some organizations just need to get rid of their filing cabinets. Others need to track employee certifications, ongoing compliance or have a large volumes of employee on-boarding and separation activities. Some need to automate their employee review process and make it paperless. Document management technologies can provide a solution that meets all of these needs and can evolve as your company grows.

Matrix Imaging has experience providing solutions that meet both simple and complex HR needs. Our solutions can begin with scanning existing employee files and enforcing your document retention policies. Over time, these technologies can evolve to connecting these documents to your payroll or other HR system, resulting in a completely paperless environment. We enable getting documents into your systems through innovative technologies, regardless if they originate electronically or on paper. We have solutions that meet your needs today and in the future.

Let us work with you to understand your processes, and see if a Matrix Imaging human resources solution can help your organization save time & money.

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