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Accounts Payable Solutions

Accounts Payable Document Management Solutions from Matrix ImagingAccounts payable has a strong record of benefiting from implementing document management solutions. From the largest Fortune 100 companies to your local merchant, organizations continue to struggle to find the balance between enough process to manage invoices versus the overhead it takes to be not cost too much money. While the general process is the same (match the invoice to the PO and any other appropriate documentation), each organization has implemented different controls to assure that appropriate invoices are paid appropriately.

We provide a cohesive technology solution that fits your particular process, enabling you to manage invoices in the most efficient manner within your organization. We don't throw in technology for technology's sake. We want to be sure that the entire solution meets your current needs and is positioned to enable you to manage your business as your needs change. As with any process improvement technology, we can help you implement additional capabilities to make these processes more efficient, when you are ready.

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